Every morning when I get into the office, my first stop is a visit to Mr. Coffee – then to my notepad filled desk, and then I plop down into the squeaky leather contraption called a roller chair. Typically, the first thing I see when I log into my Mac are the copious amounts of ‘Stickies’ which fill the top of the desktop screen; yellow, pink, blue, green, gray… You name it, I got it.

I know that we are a part of something called “the digital age,” but there’s nothing that excites me more then crossing a task of my list. Well, there are probably a couple of things, but I won’t reference those because they are definitely not productive. While I’m at work from 8:30AM – 6:00PM, Monday through Friday – I want to make sure that the energy spent in the office, is energy well spent.

Part of my day-to-day tasks as an Account Director and Integrated Project Manager for our clients is to ensure that first and foremost, that they are proud of the work that our company is producing for their brand. I want my clients to be able to call me (or email me, or text me) with a business challenge and for my team to be the ones that help them with a solution.

The first step in getting to the bottom of a challenge is to identity the problems. We help identify creative and effective solutions that make both the life of the client – and agency – more productive. Through project management applications like Asana, and cloud file transfer programs like Dropbox; there are programs available which make my desktop Stickies – and my calls with clients – a little less sticky.

Fast Company released a quiz this year entitled: What Kind of Productive Person Are You? Take the quiz and share on Twitter what kind of Productive worker you are.