Everyone’s doing it!

So how do you do it better? Here are Syndctd’s TOP 5 Elements of Social Media Marketing!


Scan your surroundings the next time you’re standing in a crowd of people. The majority of those around you will usually have a smartphone in their hands and their eyes glued to the five inch screen. We are smack-dab in the middle of the sending, sharing, liking, commenting, posting, all-encompassing digital age. More often than not, your customers use social media as a tool for interacting and sharing in their everyday life. If you want to grab their attention, increase brand awareness, and build your business, a social media presence – a strong and original one at that – is not only recommended, but required.

As social media and digital marketing dominate the landscape of the future, it is crucial that brands have a strong understanding of how various platforms work and how to make them tools for growing and maintaining brand awareness and image. How do you rock the game and stand out among competitors?

Content Production:

Engaging content doesn’t just appear – you have to create it! After years of managing social media communities, we’ve got a knack for running content production and have nearly perfected a method where many birds are attained with just a few essential stones. We recommend the “piggyback and pile on” strategy – where we host a production with Still and Video Content Collection all happening at once. The result is engaging new images for the website, lookbook, ads, marketing collateral AND all your social media needs for up to six months worth of posting. Over the years, we’ve found that this method saves thousands of dollars for our clients and results in rich and intriguing content for their audiences, drawing them into the channels and ultimately into the brand.

Graphic Design of Social Content:

How do you get your customer to scroll past that picture of their friend’s new baby and click on your branded content?! When you’re competing with food porn, Buzzfeed’s latest quiz, and a countless cats, it can be hard to sell your business online. You don’t need to be a published author to create entertaining and engaging posts. You do however need a skilled copywriter that can master the art of quick and catchy communication. This person should be able to whip up effective copy, while still maintaining professionalism and consistency.

Community Management:

So your brand has a decent audience, which could always be larger. Your pages and accounts are chalk full with visually appealing content, witty captions, and inspiring messages. You’re wondering how to take your social media presence to the next level. Fan following aside, how do you handle questions, comments, and queries from customers? Community management and customer service are key aspects of transitioning your social media from good to great. When you hire someone to conduct community management they can maintain your message. Not only will this individual be the voice behind your presence, but they will be the one controlling the chaos if need be. If a crisis comes your way, a social media manager can charter the waves back to success.

Paid Social Media:

Paid marketing campaigns are quickly forcing the hand of marketers with 70% of social media planners intending to increase this powerful form of advertising in their media mix. We say forcing the hand because organic reach within social media is being stripped away on platforms like Facebook – and more recently – Instagram. As this becomes the new norm within social advertising, make sure that you aren’t left in the dust.
This paradigm shift creates a greater need for experienced SEO and content marketing managers that understand how blog and social media content correlate to searches, engagements, and audience reach and how all these organic activities can be amplified with Paid Media for maximum impact. The focus should be creating SEO marketing campaigns that reach the right customers, at the right time, through the right channels. This requires knowledgeable experts that can promote branded content in a way that leads to increased exposure and search rankings. If you’re still exploring the wonderful world of organic social VS. paid social media, hiring an experienced paid social media manager to run efficient and effective campaigns is a must.

Advanced Reporting and Social Media Strategy:

Reach, engagements, and impressions can all seem a bit overwhelming when you’re not familiar with the terminology. This is where a social media expert can come in handy to guide you through the social media trenches. An expert in this field will have the ability to analyze previous and current content and find what works, when it works, and on which platforms. Reporting and audience measurement are key to making the most of your social media efforts.