At Syndctd, we work with a wide variety of creatives, during our daily tasks, through client projects, and within the artistic culture by which our company thrives. The unique thing about working in a creative agency is that each project we touch is different from the last. Each brand and client has its own unique personality and individual set of beautiful nuances to accompany it. Our job as the agency relies on reading and deciphering these personalities in order to produce something so extraordinary that it will resonate and make a lasting impression on all those who come in contact with it.

While our in-house creative team can handle almost any project we throw at them, we do occasionally consult our Los Angeles network of artists, illustrators, musicians, videographers, and creative mavens to enhance and elevate our vision with a fresh perspective. To showcase our agency’s passion for imagination and artistry, we collaborated with street artist and writer WRDSMTH to create two murals on our in-office walls and on the building outside.

We wish for every individual who passes by our building to be inspired by these words and the happenings around them — to tell stories that impact people emotionally, personally, and positively.

With each client that comes in, we want to help make something extraordinary. We put our heart and soul into the work that we do, and we make sure that it shows.

This visual collaboration splashed across our office walls flows also into our work, enhancing the resources that we can offer to our clientbase. This year, we worked with Illustrator Joya Rose to produce educational and visually compelling content for Ivanhoe Cambridge, a global real estate industry leader based in Canada. We met Joya by fortuitous chance on one of our business trips and quickly found a way to collaborate, integrating her talent into our repertoire of artists.

These kinds of collaborations compel our team to reach outside the box and challenge ourselves creatively, finding inspiration in the strange nooks and crannies of our Los Angeles lives. It is this passion for creativity that connects us as a team. 

Are you the next Banksy or WRDSMTH? Do you have a gift in video editing or designing? We are always reaching for new talent, unique collaborative efforts, and partners to meet and grow alongside.  Shoot us a message. We welcome you.