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Schwarzkopf Professional - Educational Microsite

Syndctd designed and developed a microsite on behalf of Schwarzkopf Professional, a Henkel brand. Syndctd was tasked with ideating a concept that would work to gamify the needed educational material for hair designers, a group with a notoriously short attention span. Syndctd solution was to develop the microsite featured below!

Stones Throw - Branding, Film Marketing + Film Distribution

Syndctd was brought on to support the development and release of the original documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This is Stones Throw Records”.  The film centers around a Los Angeles-based independent record label that has produced many prolific Hip Hop artists over the years. The films brand identity was developed from scratch by Syndctd and was very influenced by Stones Throw’s old school Hip Hop aesthetic.

Branding & Logo Development

The logo was the first step in the development of the documentary’s identity. Several logo mockups were developed visually playing off the film’s title. The hand written aesthetic of the chosen logo treatment lent itself very well to the culture of Stones Throw. This aesthetic carried over into the design of the movie poster with the hand written laurels and torn background texture.


DVD Packaging Design

Syndctd was next tasked with developing the DVD set. Elements of vintage comics were incorporated to compliment the continued ‘hand-written’ aesthetic. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set included the soundtrack along with a 6-page curated booklet. The booklet includes a handwritten soundtrack listing, elementary school essay written by Peanut Butter Wolf and collection of old personal photos from the Stones Throw founder.



Syndctd also designed and developed the film’s microsite, which featured a ticket buying portal during the theatrical run. Similar to the social media that was created, assets from the poster were reinterpreted to keep branding consistent and recognizable through all online channels. 

Cleobella - Website Design

Cleobella is a handbag and accessories company based out of Sunset Beach, CA. They are known for their handcrafted products from Bali and Mexico, which lends to their worldly aesthetic. With Cleobella’s new site, we really wanted to showcase their unique aesthetic, beautiful photography and gorgeous handbags. The goal was to balance our clean and luxurious aesthetic with the simple and easy-to-use functionality required to increase online sale conversions.

Thanks again to the entire Cleobella team for their grateful nature – we are so happy you guys love your new site!

“It was such a pleasure to work with true professionals.  I would recommend the team at Syndctd to anyone I know.  They guided us in this detailed process from start to finish and we could not be more proud of the website they built for our brand.  We have already seen a growth in sales in our shopping store, which was our ultimate goal!  I look forward to our continued partnership together in evolving our website for years to come.”
Thank you,
– Angela

Due to the ever-changing nature of the fashion industry, it was very important that the client be able to maintain and continually update their site for the new seasons. was developed through WordPress and Shopify to facilitate client usability. Both platforms’ themes were highly customized. At the end of development, we created a detailed guidebook with screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to use their robust new site.

To streamline the customer flow and funnel users through to the purchase point, we created a category grid on the homepage that directly links to featured products in the store. The homepage slideshow and adjacent tiles all call attention to different collections of highly visual products, enticing the user towards purchase.

Cleobella is extremely popular for their boho chic style in the fashion world and they receive lots of attention in celebrity and fashion press outlets. To highlight this we formatted the press stream in a picture grid format. The grid gives an overview of how extensive their reach is, while clicking into the post gives a more detailed view of the story. This striking grid-view also extends into the representation of blog articles.


To simplify customer flow, we included a side-bar navigation listing all sub-categories. Though most of their products are one of a kind, there is a large portion of products that feature a range of color choices. To make customers aware of all the options available, we created color swatches that appear on the preview category page.

To continue this feature onto the product page, we developed the functionality allowing the customer to view different color options by clicking the swatches. Overall this creates an engaging and visually appealing way of portraying the vast amount of options available in Cleobella’s products.


You can visit the Cleobella site here.