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Exos Nutrition - Product Videos

Team Syndctd was contracted to produce six original product videos for EXOS (formerly named Athletes' Performance) , which has grown to become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide.

To produce these videos we conducted many elements of production:

  • Hosted a studio production day focused on capturing perfectly lit product videos
  • Wrote the script needed for Voice Over
  • Discovered, hired and managed a Voice Over artist to complete our sound bites
  • Searched for and contracted music that best fit our videos
  • Designed 2D animations using Adobe Photoshop 
  • Edited animations to move and pulse using Adobe After Effects 


After all the hard work from our team, we combined all of these pieces, made a few revisions and enjoyed our commercial!

Here are some of our designs and a final video!

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