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Las Vegas Monorail

Syndctd was engaged by the Las Vegas Monorail Company to fulfill two creative projects for them. We were to redesign both of their consumer and corporate facing websites. To accompany the redesign of these websites with stylish new assets, Syndctd was also commissioned to do a photoshoot of the monorail.

Our team and crew traveled to Las Vegas for two days. Through these photos we wanted to portray the convenience that the Las Vegas Monorail gives it users. Photos were taken from neighboring attractions like hotels, the convention center and golf courses, to show the accessibility of the monorail. The monorail, being a transportation unit, is not the most visually stimulating subject. Our team strived to achieve creative and engaging photographs by shooting from different angles and in different lighting situations. Below are a few selects from our shoot.

For the consumer-facing site, we aimed to create a modern aesthetic that would portray the Las Vegas monorail as a cutting edge technology and relevant company. To create engaging content for the user, the site showcased plenty of visual content, including the monorail’s new photographs. The homepage highlighted a wide screen slideshow, Instagram feed and six featured blog articles. The larger Las Vegas Monorail blog is housed under the “News” section. Blog articles keep users informed about events, attractions and other enticing information that are happening around and are easily accessible by the monorail. Each page of the site also featured a quick line to the “Purchasing Pop-up” window, which allowed for fast purchasing and checkout.

The majority of the content in the site was organized around the seven monorail stations. The Station guide page gives the user a general overview of the layout of the Las Vegas Monorail line. It was important that this new site conveyed to riders that the monorail was easy-to-use, efficient and convenient.

Each thumbnail leads to the individual station guide pages. These pages each contained three featured blog posts pertaining to that specific station, a wide screen slideshow and the timeline. The timeline dynamically displayed how much time it would take a rider to get from their current station (the page they are on) to another station along the monorail line.

The Las Vegas Monorail site also encompassed the corporate facing side. This portion of the site houses all of the administrative and financial information that is required to be displayed for their investors. Visually the corporate site is reflective of the user-facing site’s modern aesthetic, but much refined for its professional audience.

Overall, the new Las Vegas Monorail site aimed to educate users to the benefits of using their public transportation system and entices them to buy tickets and ride. The purchase funnel was greatly simplified to ease the process. The site is also fully responsive, allowing users to get needed information on the go (like while riding the monorail). So the next time you are in Las Vegas and don’t want to wait in the taxi line, ride the monorail.