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Stones Throw - Branding, Film Marketing + Film Distribution

Syndctd was brought on to support the development and release of the original documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This is Stones Throw Records”.  The film centers around a Los Angeles-based independent record label that has produced many prolific Hip Hop artists over the years. The films brand identity was developed from scratch by Syndctd and was very influenced by Stones Throw’s old school Hip Hop aesthetic.

Branding & Logo Development

The logo was the first step in the development of the documentary’s identity. Several logo mockups were developed visually playing off the film’s title. The hand written aesthetic of the chosen logo treatment lent itself very well to the culture of Stones Throw. This aesthetic carried over into the design of the movie poster with the hand written laurels and torn background texture.


DVD Packaging Design

Syndctd was next tasked with developing the DVD set. Elements of vintage comics were incorporated to compliment the continued ‘hand-written’ aesthetic. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set included the soundtrack along with a 6-page curated booklet. The booklet includes a handwritten soundtrack listing, elementary school essay written by Peanut Butter Wolf and collection of old personal photos from the Stones Throw founder.



Syndctd also designed and developed the film’s microsite, which featured a ticket buying portal during the theatrical run. Similar to the social media that was created, assets from the poster were reinterpreted to keep branding consistent and recognizable through all online channels.