In 2015, Syndctd worked with client Omega Oil, a fresh-from-the-lab Medical company based out of Northern California, to build their brand from the bottom up.

First impressions only make the go around once. Establishing the brand launch as one of the most defining moments in Omega's lifetime - setting the stage for how the brand will be received and respected in the industry space - was critical. We always start the branding process with an in depth-discovery session establishing the what's true to the brand, it's tone, audience and benefit. From there we align our inspiration (featured below) to these branding truths.

Starting at square one, Syndctd walked the client through the entire branding process. Syndctd was involved in all levels of branding, creating a name, logo, mission statement, tone of voice, and all that encompasses a brand’s foundation as it enters the market for the first time. 

We got to work, pouring over potential brand names, scouring the Internet for inspiration and employing our combined vocabularies for words that evoked the suave superior nature of the product. Omega Oil was one of many names in the qualifying round. With the addition of the attractive hexagonal logo to the strong title, we discovered that we had a winner on our hands, and a pleased client. That thematic hexagon became the symbol of Omega Oil, repeated over and over through the website, packaging, collateral, and within a extensive two-day photoshoot for the Brand. Some of the resulting content is featured below for your viewing pleasure.

Goals and Services

The goal of the Omega Oil launch was to found the brand as a new premium Medical product in the market, with a focus on purity, potency, and variety of flavor.

After hours of work from our dedicated team, the result was nothing short of amazing. Syndctd gave Omega the works - a full set of brand guidelines and website, a wide variety of stunning imagery captured on the weekend shoot, bold packaging with a clean aesthetic, and a marketing plan to launch them into a competitive industry, equipped with the tools they needed to make a powerful first impression.


Brand Guidelines

Syndctd created a comprehensive document for Omega Oil that included brand name, several logo iterations, a mission statement, tone of voice, brand colors, and typography.

Photo/Video Shoot

Syndctd completed a two-day shoot with a hand-selected team of professionals that delivered all necessary website selects, product imagery, motion graphics, video content, and social media assets for months to come.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.45.11 PM.png

Website Design + Development

We delivered a responsive parallax website that included both photo assets and video components.

Packaging Design

We created a line of packaging, differentiated by flavor, that houses the cannabis extract cartridge, and includes all pertinent information about the product, its ingredients, and branding.