The production is perhaps the most important linch-pin to a marketing campaign, how things look and feel is more important than it’s ever been before. At Syndctd we produce content from the perspective of marketers as well as creators. We manage social, we do media buys, we produce tours, we build ecomm sites – so we vary hands - on knowledge on the eventual usage and intent for this content. From this perspective our production days are, to put it lightly, ambitious. We squeeze every drop of usable content from a production to give our clients the most value from their shoots and the Miss Me Fall/Winter 2015 production featuring Bella Thorne was an extreme example.


No step is more important — so important that we often use the 10-to-1 ratio to describe the amount of time required in pre-production for every hour spent in production. This rule certainly held true for this production – especially with a deliverables list that included:

  • 50 – Still Photo Hero Selects
  • 2 – Brand and Interview Videos
  • 10 – Instagram Videos
  • 2 – Video-Commerce Videos
  • 3 – Cinemagraph Motion-Graphics

With this amount of raw content deliverables every moment of the production has to be planned, but before we plan our timeline, we need to lock our concept and inspiration.

From creating a written consensus with Miss Me on what they wanted in that special shot, what they wanted the magazine spread to look like – we were able to start concepting mood boards that would inform how the entire shoot should look and feel. The lighting, model, pose, capture, environment and general tone all tied back to shots that are; sexy, empowered, sophisticated, glossy, glamorous and stunning.



Now – with the client informed and our dreamers organized, we entered into our production day with a clear and concise plan of attack. This is where the magic happens. The vision of the Art Director is communicated through the director of photography and those special moments are captured. The results are truly amazing.

Please see the gallery above for still images and the embeds below for video content. For more information on how Syndctd produces content – see the Production Services section of our website.