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Rhea Footware - Brand Identity and Content Creation

Syndctd was retained to help Rhea Footwear with their brand identity and creation of both photo and video content for web, social and EMS. We coordinated a brand discovery session to create the brand’s tone of voice and identify the keywords needed to describe the brand, its audience, and products’ emotional benefits.

Branding and Brand Discovery

Rhea – The Brand

Rhea – Emotional Benefit
Peace of Mind
Hip & Trendy

Rhea - The Tagline

Designed With Your Sole in Mind

Rhea – The Audience
Prevention Minded
Concerned – Family Oriented
Active Lifestyle
Appreciates Fun / Technology


Video and Photo Treatment

Rhea is a family oriented shoe. We know that we can target young moms and dads who value safety for their children, their parents and for themselves. In the digital lookbook and video, we feature the active lifestyle of these families in their non-slip shoes.

Q-See - Branding, Production + Event Activation

Syndctd was retained by Q-See, a premium surveillance system brand, to strategically rebrand all of their visual creative and marketing messaging. The surveillance camera market is rapidly expanding with increased interest from a younger demographic, which typically gravitates towards sleek design, streamlined software usability, and seamless integration into their busy lives.

Q-See had initially positioned themselves as a premium brand geared towards the traditional surveillance system market demographic - older home and business owners. However, their demo shift to a younger, more tech-savvy audience created the need for fresh, updated messaging and visual aesthetics. Syndctd redesigned all global product packaging, domestic and international retail displays, online advertising, and buyers’ sales presentations. We developed several Q-See experiential activations for retailers like Home Depot and led strategy and production for Q-See’s presentation at CES in Las Vegas this year. 

Below are some of the photos taken by Syndctd's creative team for use within Q-See's marketing mix:


The biggest component of the rebranding project focused on Q-See’s retail packaging. Our main goal was to streamline their message to more efficiently educate their customers on the core benefits of owning a Q-See system.

The new packaging featured a visual representation of all pieces included inside the box, a visual explanation of the mobile surveillance features, a breakdown of the easy 3-step installation process, and a guide to choosing the correct system for the customer’s space.

We revamped the package’s aesthetic to appeal to the more modern customer while staying sophisticated, inviting, and reassuring. We reorganized their product offering based on use-case and designed a new color system to classify the audience groups for each level of system. To visually convey these classifications, Syndctd produced a photo shoot to develop new imagery for the front cover. The packaging clearly delineates between each type of system and the user it’s best suited for.


Syndctd completely rewrote and redesigned the 24-page Welcome Booklet included in every system package. We streamlined the installation guide, refined all instructional steps and developed technically illustrated diagrams. Because Q-See’s products are global, it was vital the diagrams were easily understandable without reading the instructions. The new Welcome Booklet was translated into 7 languages with dividing tabs and printed as one pamphlet.

Our main goal in the rebranding of Q-See was to most effectively educate new consumers on the numerous ways that owning a Q-See system will enhance and clearly benefit their lives. Individual security surveillance should bring its users peace of mind knowing the best quality product is protecting their family, property, and livelihood.

Omega Oil - Branding, Production + Website

In 2015, Syndctd worked with client Omega Oil, a fresh-from-the-lab cannabis company based out of Northern California, to build their brand from the bottom up.

Bella Thorne x Miss Me - Content Production

The production is perhaps the most important linch-pin to a marketing campaign, how things look and feel is more important than it’s ever been before. At Syndctd we produce content from the perspective of marketers as well as creators. We manage social, we do media buys, we produce tours, we build ecomm sites – so we vary hands - on knowledge on the eventual usage and intent for this content. From this perspective our production days are, to put it lightly, ambitious. We squeeze every drop of usable content from a production to give our clients the most value from their shoots and the Miss Me Fall/Winter 2015 production featuring Bella Thorne was an extreme example.


No step is more important — so important that we often use the 10-to-1 ratio to describe the amount of time required in pre-production for every hour spent in production. This rule certainly held true for this production – especially with a deliverables list that included:

  • 50 – Still Photo Hero Selects
  • 2 – Brand and Interview Videos
  • 10 – Instagram Videos
  • 2 – Video-Commerce Videos
  • 3 – Cinemagraph Motion-Graphics

With this amount of raw content deliverables every moment of the production has to be planned, but before we plan our timeline, we need to lock our concept and inspiration.

From creating a written consensus with Miss Me on what they wanted in that special shot, what they wanted the magazine spread to look like – we were able to start concepting mood boards that would inform how the entire shoot should look and feel. The lighting, model, pose, capture, environment and general tone all tied back to shots that are; sexy, empowered, sophisticated, glossy, glamorous and stunning.



Now – with the client informed and our dreamers organized, we entered into our production day with a clear and concise plan of attack. This is where the magic happens. The vision of the Art Director is communicated through the director of photography and those special moments are captured. The results are truly amazing.

Please see the gallery above for still images and the embeds below for video content. For more information on how Syndctd produces content – see the Production Services section of our website.

Haufe - Event Activation + Booth Build + Video

Haufe is one of the largest HR/talent management software providers in Europe. Their clients include premiere brands such as the BMW Group, Lindt Chocolates, and Goodyear Tires. Each of these global brands has thousands of employees, all of whom are being managed through Haufe’s software suite.

As Haufe’s expansion plans continue to develop, North America is a new frontier, filled with endless possibility as well as stiff competition.

Enter Syndctd. Syndctd was hired to help advise and execute Haufe’s entrance into the American market through helping to examine what has made Haufe successful in Europe and navigate how best to translate that success into North America. In summation, our service offering was essentially three large client services; consultancy surrounding the translation and building of a new website, creation of the new Haufe US introduction video, and the planning, building, management and execution of the Haufe US experience at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.


Syndctd designed the entire user experience (UX) for the website. Syndctd advised on which information from previous resources, sites and references should be displayed on the site, helped create the site structure, and then provided copywriting services to complete the site copy for the appropriate sections. The largest part of the UX service offering was page layout and wireframing, during which Syndctd helped strategize the most efficient way for potential customers to learn about Haufe’s unique and progressive approach to talent management.


Syndctd produced the commercial video in tandem with long-time video partner, Valentine Productions. Syndctd helped plan the shoot, hire the talent and production staff. develop the script, and act as the on-site producers. Check out the video below – it is also featured as the introduction video on the website.


Syndctd designed the Trade Show experience for Haufe at the 2014 HR Tech Conference in Vegas, coordinating and managing their brand presence from top to bottom. This included sourcing vendors and designing the booth activation area as well as hiring and managing the brand ambassadors. Our efforts resulted in over 300 hot leads from customers looking to know more about Haufe’s Talent Management solution, which was considered a huge success by the President of Haufe US, Mr. Kelly Max, as well as top management at Haufe Europe.  All in all, this was the most successful marketing activity that Haufe US has been a part of to date! See below for more information on our activation.

Exos Nutrition - Product Videos

Team Syndctd was contracted to produce six original product videos for EXOS (formerly named Athletes' Performance) , which has grown to become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide.

To produce these videos we conducted many elements of production:

  • Hosted a studio production day focused on capturing perfectly lit product videos
  • Wrote the script needed for Voice Over
  • Discovered, hired and managed a Voice Over artist to complete our sound bites
  • Searched for and contracted music that best fit our videos
  • Designed 2D animations using Adobe Photoshop 
  • Edited animations to move and pulse using Adobe After Effects 


After all the hard work from our team, we combined all of these pieces, made a few revisions and enjoyed our commercial!

Here are some of our designs and a final video!

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