Ivanhoe Cambridge - Strategy and Branding

Ivanhoe Cambridge (IC), the property investment arm of the Quebec pension fund, tasked Syndctd with a pressing need to update their brand’s digital marketing strategy. 

Miss Me Summer Tour Marketing Activation

Miss Me Jeans is one of America’s top-10 female denim brands, and traveling through the South it’s easy to see why. Women of all ages in the south like to dress-it-up, even when relaxing in a pair of comfortable jeans. Another thing about the South is that sense of community, deep roots and pride in your Hometown – what a better way for a brand to engage it’s audience than in their Hometown.

So that’s exactly what Syndctd helped Miss Me do - launch a tour through their top 9 cities in the South featuring a large activation vehicle wrapped with Bella Throne creative from our Fall / Winter 2015 Campaign. To accomplish this Syndctd ideated, custom fabricated, managed and executed all aspects of the summer tour activation for our client.

Each element of the activation tied back to our inspirational mantra, Let Yourself Shine, and the product itself, with rhinestones, rivets and a unique wash that all add up, making a girl feel empowered and beautiful, inside and out.



Development of Activation Concept & User Flow

Enter the Experience
Step into the Photo Booth
Get your picture taken
Data Collection (name, email, DOB, etc)
Sign I Shine When Wall
Contribute to Charity
Product Overview (Making of Miss Me)
Fall/Winter 2015 Looks
Printed Photo Takeaway with Flash Tattoos and Branded Miss Me Sunglasses

Vehicle Fabrication
On-site Production
Data Collection and Analytical Reporting

Key Initiative

Working with a local production / trailer fabrication company we started to concept what was achievable for the construction and build-out of the mobile trailer. Pre-production for the tour began in March, five months before the tour was to officially kick-off West of Dallas, Texas. Our goal was to create an experience that was going to yield the most foot traffic, create brand awareness, promote user generated content and most importantly drive users online to buy Miss Me new Fall & Winter Styles.

Campaign Insights

Summer Tour Results: 
Premium brand activations in 9 of Miss Me’s most popular cities
We totaled over 22,000 Experiential Marketing Activations
150,000+ people attended events where we activated
100,000+ people saw our experience on the road
We drove through 13 States covering over 5,000 miles


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Ormana - Moroccan Argan Oils and Beauty Products

Ormana blends the best of nature, science, and tradition to enhance and reinforce your skin’s natural defenses. A translation of “natural gold of Morocco,” Ormana directly grows, sources, and bottles the region’s most authentic botanical ingredients, such as organic Argan and Prickly Pear Oils, to deliver you the purest and most effective anti-aging solutions available.


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Las Vegas Monorail

Syndctd was engaged by the Las Vegas Monorail Company to fulfill two creative projects for them. We were to redesign both of their consumer and corporate facing websites. To accompany the redesign of these websites with stylish new assets, Syndctd was also commissioned to do a photoshoot of the monorail.

Our team and crew traveled to Las Vegas for two days. Through these photos we wanted to portray the convenience that the Las Vegas Monorail gives it users. Photos were taken from neighboring attractions like hotels, the convention center and golf courses, to show the accessibility of the monorail. The monorail, being a transportation unit, is not the most visually stimulating subject. Our team strived to achieve creative and engaging photographs by shooting from different angles and in different lighting situations. Below are a few selects from our shoot.

For the consumer-facing site, we aimed to create a modern aesthetic that would portray the Las Vegas monorail as a cutting edge technology and relevant company. To create engaging content for the user, the site showcased plenty of visual content, including the monorail’s new photographs. The homepage highlighted a wide screen slideshow, Instagram feed and six featured blog articles. The larger Las Vegas Monorail blog is housed under the “News” section. Blog articles keep users informed about events, attractions and other enticing information that are happening around and are easily accessible by the monorail. Each page of the site also featured a quick line to the “Purchasing Pop-up” window, which allowed for fast purchasing and checkout.

The majority of the content in the site was organized around the seven monorail stations. The Station guide page gives the user a general overview of the layout of the Las Vegas Monorail line. It was important that this new site conveyed to riders that the monorail was easy-to-use, efficient and convenient.

Each thumbnail leads to the individual station guide pages. These pages each contained three featured blog posts pertaining to that specific station, a wide screen slideshow and the timeline. The timeline dynamically displayed how much time it would take a rider to get from their current station (the page they are on) to another station along the monorail line.

The Las Vegas Monorail site also encompassed the corporate facing side. This portion of the site houses all of the administrative and financial information that is required to be displayed for their investors. Visually the corporate site is reflective of the user-facing site’s modern aesthetic, but much refined for its professional audience.

Overall, the new Las Vegas Monorail site aimed to educate users to the benefits of using their public transportation system and entices them to buy tickets and ride. The purchase funnel was greatly simplified to ease the process. The site is also fully responsive, allowing users to get needed information on the go (like while riding the monorail). So the next time you are in Las Vegas and don’t want to wait in the taxi line, ride the monorail.


My Madison Resort - Ariel Content Production and Website Build

Having the opportunity to work with a property as exquisite as the “Madison Resort” was very exciting. The home boasts a host of incredible architectural feats with uncompromised detail, premium craftsmanship, numerous customized features, and so much more. The project was focused on providing a digital selling tool for the property owner and management catered specifically to high-end buyers with an eye for unique architecture. It comprised of a video showcase of the property and a full website build with carefully curated copywriting. The process was relatively straightforward: create a short teaser video of the property, and upon watching the video potential buyers would be encouraged to inquire further via email. Once vetted by a professional real-estate team the potential buyer would be given private access to a website which would contain specific, highlighted details about the property.

The Video

Given the scale of the property and the immense amount of detail within every inch of its design, our biggest challenge was to be able narrate this within a short video. We partnered with the directors from Pentatonic Productions and the camera crew from Wild Rabbit to tackle this exciting, albeit challenging project. Wild Rabbit Aerial are predominantly known for their phenomenal aerial photography capabilities and coupled with Pentatonic’s new addition to the family (the Sony PMW-F5 Cinealta camera) the team was able to capture and produce some stunning results (see video above). This was Syndctd’s first foray into a production of this nature, and it was met head on with enthusiasm and tenacity.


The Equipment

Shot on the Sony PMW-F5 Cinealta camera in 16 bit 4K RAW, 120 frames per second with 14 stops of cinematic dynamic range. These cameras were used to capture the slow motion ultra high definition replays for this year’s super bowl on FOX. 4K offers the client the confidence of future proofed media as our media distribution world and televisions head towards ultra HD or 4K broadcast. 4K raw footage used 512gb of storage media in 65 mins of shooting. In camera compressed 4K or 2K would lower this data rate considerably.

Large capacity camera drone octocopter with custom-engineered three axis brushless camera gimbal produces stunningly stable imagery carrying the Sony F5. Wireless HD monitoring stations and long range FPV w/ on screen flight data allows the team to fly safely and achieve complicated shots before thought impossible. Average flight times running at 8-12 mins depending on flight conditions and camera movement.


The Website

To uphold the exclusivity of this property the website required a password for entry. Once inside a full-screen visually focused site captivates the viewer. There was a database of brilliant photos taken of the stunning property that brought the site to life. The aesthetic of the site was kept very simple in order to showcase the beautiful photographs.

The aerial footage produced is presented in two sections of the site. The Private Driving Range page highlights the snippet of the larger video that features Pro Golfer Pat Perez teeing off from the property’s range.

Viewers can get the fully immersive picture of the property by watching the Video Tour. To exhibit the footage at its highest quality, the video was embedded through Vimeo Pro and played in HD. The viewer could also expand the video to full-screen.

Working for this client and unique property was a great opportunity for Syndctd to expand and showcase its video content services. Through the video and site, we strived to show the audience the beauty of such an expansive home.


One Santa Fe - Website, Social Media and Photoshoot

One Santa Fe, the eclectic Arts District mixed use property development was designed by the world renowned architect Michael Maltzan. In 2012, the $160+ million dollar project broke ground and construction of the 510,000 square foot property was immediately underway!

In January 2015, the building opened for leasing and Syndctd was brought in to help drive users from Google and Social Media Platforms to the One Santa Fe website to learn more about the property and turn LEADS into LEASES.

Social Media Management & Creative Content Development

  • Daily Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+
  • Image Creation and Copywriting for posts 5+ times per week
  • Crisis Management + Brand Monitoring
  • Advanced Social Reporting + Weekly Digital Strategy Sessions with One Santa Fe marketing staff

WEBSITE REDESIGN + Photoshoot of Property and Community

  • ReDesign of Property Website with integration to their existing property management backend
  • Photoshoot for social and web assets: Studio, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom and Townhome
  • Lifestyle Photography around One Santa Fe

Paid and Organic Search

  • Paid Advertising: Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter
  • Organic Search: SEO Website Overhaul and Production of Blog Content for Site

Key Initiative

Our Search and Display campaigns drove users back to the osfla.com page to gain knowledge regarding the different unit offerings. Additionally, we ran an extremely successful video campaign that generated approximately 40,000 views with the help of media support; specifically through TrueView In-stream Ads, Standard Display Ads and In-video Overlay Ads.

Facebook advertising was also invaluable and garnered the most conversions for lease submission inquires at One Santa Fe. As advertisers, the Facebook Targeting algorithm gives us the opportunity to identify specific target audiences by geographic and interest criteria within their network. This was key to get into the mind of the coffee-sipping consumer when generating this particular social campaign.


Campaign Insights

Working on Social Media, Paid Media Campaign Creation and Management and Photo Content Development in the last year has helped to drive leases for the property – and more importantly, also sets the tone for the kind of life people want to lead at One Santa Fe.

Traffic to Website from Paid and Social: 17.6K Unique Visits

  • New Sessions: 60.4%
  • Referral Traffic: Social and Paid- 55% // Direct – 25% // Organic – 20%
  • As of November 2015, One Santa Fe is at 90% Occupancy rate.  

Schwarzkopf Professional - Educational Microsite

Syndctd designed and developed a microsite on behalf of Schwarzkopf Professional, a Henkel brand. Syndctd was tasked with ideating a concept that would work to gamify the needed educational material for hair designers, a group with a notoriously short attention span. Syndctd solution was to develop the microsite featured below!

Samsung - SOS Island Campaign Development

Syndctd was contracted to do all the ideation, contracting and back-end development for Samsung's SOS Island campaign. The activation was, in partnership with our friends at SXM, was a live broadcast much like survivor, with the twist that all contestants were voted upon live, using social media. 

The brand integration came in the form of all challenges being based around the Samsung Camera product line. So for example, one challenge set two contestants against one-another, where they would dive to the bottom of the ocean, find a waterproof Samsung camera, take photos and those photos would be judged by the Social Media audience to determine a winner.

Rhea Footware - Brand Identity and Content Creation

Syndctd was retained to help Rhea Footwear with their brand identity and creation of both photo and video content for web, social and EMS. We coordinated a brand discovery session to create the brand’s tone of voice and identify the keywords needed to describe the brand, its audience, and products’ emotional benefits.

Branding and Brand Discovery

Rhea – The Brand

Rhea – Emotional Benefit
Peace of Mind
Hip & Trendy

Rhea - The Tagline

Designed With Your Sole in Mind

Rhea – The Audience
Prevention Minded
Concerned – Family Oriented
Active Lifestyle
Appreciates Fun / Technology


Video and Photo Treatment

Rhea is a family oriented shoe. We know that we can target young moms and dads who value safety for their children, their parents and for themselves. In the digital lookbook and video, we feature the active lifestyle of these families in their non-slip shoes.

Q-See - Branding, Production + Event Activation

Syndctd was retained by Q-See, a premium surveillance system brand, to strategically rebrand all of their visual creative and marketing messaging. The surveillance camera market is rapidly expanding with increased interest from a younger demographic, which typically gravitates towards sleek design, streamlined software usability, and seamless integration into their busy lives.

Q-See had initially positioned themselves as a premium brand geared towards the traditional surveillance system market demographic - older home and business owners. However, their demo shift to a younger, more tech-savvy audience created the need for fresh, updated messaging and visual aesthetics. Syndctd redesigned all global product packaging, domestic and international retail displays, online advertising, and buyers’ sales presentations. We developed several Q-See experiential activations for retailers like Home Depot and led strategy and production for Q-See’s presentation at CES in Las Vegas this year. 

Below are some of the photos taken by Syndctd's creative team for use within Q-See's marketing mix:


The biggest component of the rebranding project focused on Q-See’s retail packaging. Our main goal was to streamline their message to more efficiently educate their customers on the core benefits of owning a Q-See system.

The new packaging featured a visual representation of all pieces included inside the box, a visual explanation of the mobile surveillance features, a breakdown of the easy 3-step installation process, and a guide to choosing the correct system for the customer’s space.

We revamped the package’s aesthetic to appeal to the more modern customer while staying sophisticated, inviting, and reassuring. We reorganized their product offering based on use-case and designed a new color system to classify the audience groups for each level of system. To visually convey these classifications, Syndctd produced a photo shoot to develop new imagery for the front cover. The packaging clearly delineates between each type of system and the user it’s best suited for.


Syndctd completely rewrote and redesigned the 24-page Welcome Booklet included in every system package. We streamlined the installation guide, refined all instructional steps and developed technically illustrated diagrams. Because Q-See’s products are global, it was vital the diagrams were easily understandable without reading the instructions. The new Welcome Booklet was translated into 7 languages with dividing tabs and printed as one pamphlet.

Our main goal in the rebranding of Q-See was to most effectively educate new consumers on the numerous ways that owning a Q-See system will enhance and clearly benefit their lives. Individual security surveillance should bring its users peace of mind knowing the best quality product is protecting their family, property, and livelihood.

Omega Oil - Branding, Production + Website

In 2015, Syndctd worked with client Omega Oil, a fresh-from-the-lab cannabis company based out of Northern California, to build their brand from the bottom up.

Bella Thorne x Miss Me - Content Production

The production is perhaps the most important linch-pin to a marketing campaign, how things look and feel is more important than it’s ever been before. At Syndctd we produce content from the perspective of marketers as well as creators. We manage social, we do media buys, we produce tours, we build ecomm sites – so we vary hands - on knowledge on the eventual usage and intent for this content. From this perspective our production days are, to put it lightly, ambitious. We squeeze every drop of usable content from a production to give our clients the most value from their shoots and the Miss Me Fall/Winter 2015 production featuring Bella Thorne was an extreme example.


No step is more important — so important that we often use the 10-to-1 ratio to describe the amount of time required in pre-production for every hour spent in production. This rule certainly held true for this production – especially with a deliverables list that included:

  • 50 – Still Photo Hero Selects
  • 2 – Brand and Interview Videos
  • 10 – Instagram Videos
  • 2 – Video-Commerce Videos
  • 3 – Cinemagraph Motion-Graphics

With this amount of raw content deliverables every moment of the production has to be planned, but before we plan our timeline, we need to lock our concept and inspiration.

From creating a written consensus with Miss Me on what they wanted in that special shot, what they wanted the magazine spread to look like – we were able to start concepting mood boards that would inform how the entire shoot should look and feel. The lighting, model, pose, capture, environment and general tone all tied back to shots that are; sexy, empowered, sophisticated, glossy, glamorous and stunning.



Now – with the client informed and our dreamers organized, we entered into our production day with a clear and concise plan of attack. This is where the magic happens. The vision of the Art Director is communicated through the director of photography and those special moments are captured. The results are truly amazing.

Please see the gallery above for still images and the embeds below for video content. For more information on how Syndctd produces content – see the Production Services section of our website.

Arnette X MDBP - Summer Tour


Longstanding Syndctd client Arnette Eyewear wanted to engage in music to speak to their target demographic in a new way, and we felt the Mad Decent Block Party would be a perfect fit. We brokered a sponsorship deal between Arnette and Mad Decent, and from there went straight into strategizing how best to support the tour digitally. The demographic falls exactly within the active culture and lifestyle that Arnette has always embodied, and the Block Party felt like the perfect venue to get their brand in front of this audience. Together with Arnette, we came up with three huge digital activations surrounding their sponsorship as well as their brand presence on-site at 18 tour stops. We wanted to capitalize on their sponsorship of the tour in a way that would be as exciting as it was meaningful, so – with Red Bull in hand – we got to brainstorming.

Plus Arnette got amazing social content with one-on-one backstage interviews with, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Waka Flocka Flame, TJR, Big Gigantic, STRFKR, Bunji Garlin + Jillionaire and Bro Safari to name a few. They can be seen here on Arnette's blog.




We knew we needed to send at least one person out on the road to capture content, represent the brand, work Arnette’s booth, and just generally be Arnette’s “boots on the ground” throughout the tour. We decided to open up this once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity to Arnette and Mad Decent fans and held a contest to pick who would be the two Mad Decent Block Party Ambassadors. We asked people to fill out a detailed application and create an Instagram video showing us how they “Create their Vision”, the tagline for Arnette’s newest campaign. We established an aesthetic for the varying initiatives of the summer and designed and developed the website, which worked across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

After vetting every candidate, we whittled the submissions down to ten, and interviewed the finalists via Skype. We then picked the final four and flew them out to Encinitas for a week of training at Arnette HQ. Candidates learned how to sell Arnette shades on-site, set up the tent and on-site event footprint, trained on video/photo equipment, came up with interview questions for artists, and gained an intimate understanding of Arnette’s culture, products, and history. After training, we picked the final two and sent ‘em off to the races. By this time we had orchestrated Arnette’s entire on-site activation area, including sourcing/managing vendors and coordinating production for activation materials like 18’ and 20’ inflatable sunglasses.

Throughout the tour, Block Party Ambassadors were responsible for interviewing artists at each stop, capturing video and photo content, selling shades, setting up the on-site event footprint, gathering email addresses, handing out promotional items, gifting artists with shades, facilitating an on-site contest, and generally presenting a public face for Arnette at the festival. They did an incredible job, and you can see some of the content they produced on Arnette’s blog.


After the Block Party Ambassadors were chosen and the tour began, two contests ran simultaneously. The first of those contests was a ticket sweepstakes that allowed entrants to enter to win two tickets to the Mad Decent Block Party closest to them, and Syndctd facilitated every aspect – from designing and building the entry form to fulfillment. The other contest ran on-site for attendees of the MDBP to participate in. To enter, people would snap a photo in front of the gigantic inflatable sunglasses and upload the photo to Instagram using the hashtag #ArnetteAllAccess. We would then inform those who won using Instagram, and they would then get to watch the headlining act of the day from an on-stage viewing area. Also happening at Arnette’s tent was the distribution of rally towels and 12” inflatable sunglasses in exchange for emails via an iPad signup.


We here at Syndctd would never build all this incredible content only to have it exist on its own. We built out and executed a multi-phase media plan that was rolled out over the course of the entire summer that included YouTube, Google Adwords, and Facebook Media and generated thousands of clicks and impressions. We handled everything from creative to buying to reporting on all paid media placed throughout the four-month period. We also handled e-blasts, delivering timely newsletters with Mad Decent-specific content to Arnette’s audience. Overall, the program was a resounding success. As for the numbers, we quadrupled the size of Arnette’s email database, they gained over 17,000 Facebook fans during that time period, and the website received nearly 6,500 unique pageviews. We created a branded experience that resonated with the audience and showed how deeply we cared to understand them, which is at the core of what we aspire to when we develop activation strategies for clients.

Haufe - Event Activation + Booth Build + Video

Haufe is one of the largest HR/talent management software providers in Europe. Their clients include premiere brands such as the BMW Group, Lindt Chocolates, and Goodyear Tires. Each of these global brands has thousands of employees, all of whom are being managed through Haufe’s software suite.

As Haufe’s expansion plans continue to develop, North America is a new frontier, filled with endless possibility as well as stiff competition.

Enter Syndctd. Syndctd was hired to help advise and execute Haufe’s entrance into the American market through helping to examine what has made Haufe successful in Europe and navigate how best to translate that success into North America. In summation, our service offering was essentially three large client services; consultancy surrounding the translation and building of a new Haufe.us website, creation of the new Haufe US introduction video, and the planning, building, management and execution of the Haufe US experience at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.


Syndctd designed the entire user experience (UX) for the Haufe.us website. Syndctd advised on which information from previous resources, sites and references should be displayed on the site, helped create the site structure, and then provided copywriting services to complete the site copy for the appropriate sections. The largest part of the UX service offering was page layout and wireframing, during which Syndctd helped strategize the most efficient way for potential customers to learn about Haufe’s unique and progressive approach to talent management.


Syndctd produced the commercial video in tandem with long-time video partner, Valentine Productions. Syndctd helped plan the shoot, hire the talent and production staff. develop the script, and act as the on-site producers. Check out the video below – it is also featured as the introduction video on the website.


Syndctd designed the Trade Show experience for Haufe at the 2014 HR Tech Conference in Vegas, coordinating and managing their brand presence from top to bottom. This included sourcing vendors and designing the booth activation area as well as hiring and managing the brand ambassadors. Our efforts resulted in over 300 hot leads from customers looking to know more about Haufe’s Talent Management solution, which was considered a huge success by the President of Haufe US, Mr. Kelly Max, as well as top management at Haufe Europe.  All in all, this was the most successful marketing activity that Haufe US has been a part of to date! See below for more information on our activation.

Stones Throw - Branding, Film Marketing + Film Distribution

Syndctd was brought on to support the development and release of the original documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This is Stones Throw Records”.  The film centers around a Los Angeles-based independent record label that has produced many prolific Hip Hop artists over the years. The films brand identity was developed from scratch by Syndctd and was very influenced by Stones Throw’s old school Hip Hop aesthetic.

Branding & Logo Development

The logo was the first step in the development of the documentary’s identity. Several logo mockups were developed visually playing off the film’s title. The hand written aesthetic of the chosen logo treatment lent itself very well to the culture of Stones Throw. This aesthetic carried over into the design of the movie poster with the hand written laurels and torn background texture.


DVD Packaging Design

Syndctd was next tasked with developing the DVD set. Elements of vintage comics were incorporated to compliment the continued ‘hand-written’ aesthetic. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set included the soundtrack along with a 6-page curated booklet. The booklet includes a handwritten soundtrack listing, elementary school essay written by Peanut Butter Wolf and collection of old personal photos from the Stones Throw founder.



Syndctd also designed and developed the film’s microsite, which featured a ticket buying portal during the theatrical run. Similar to the social media that was created, assets from the poster were reinterpreted to keep branding consistent and recognizable through all online channels. 

Exos Nutrition - Product Videos

Team Syndctd was contracted to produce six original product videos for EXOS (formerly named Athletes' Performance) , which has grown to become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide.

To produce these videos we conducted many elements of production:

  • Hosted a studio production day focused on capturing perfectly lit product videos
  • Wrote the script needed for Voice Over
  • Discovered, hired and managed a Voice Over artist to complete our sound bites
  • Searched for and contracted music that best fit our videos
  • Designed 2D animations using Adobe Photoshop 
  • Edited animations to move and pulse using Adobe After Effects 


After all the hard work from our team, we combined all of these pieces, made a few revisions and enjoyed our commercial!

Here are some of our designs and a final video!

To learn more, visit TeamEXOS.com

Cleobella - Website Design

Cleobella is a handbag and accessories company based out of Sunset Beach, CA. They are known for their handcrafted products from Bali and Mexico, which lends to their worldly aesthetic. With Cleobella’s new site, we really wanted to showcase their unique aesthetic, beautiful photography and gorgeous handbags. The goal was to balance our clean and luxurious aesthetic with the simple and easy-to-use functionality required to increase online sale conversions.

Thanks again to the entire Cleobella team for their grateful nature – we are so happy you guys love your new site!

“It was such a pleasure to work with true professionals.  I would recommend the team at Syndctd to anyone I know.  They guided us in this detailed process from start to finish and we could not be more proud of the website they built for our brand.  We have already seen a growth in sales in our shopping store, which was our ultimate goal!  I look forward to our continued partnership together in evolving our website for years to come.”
Thank you,
– Angela

Due to the ever-changing nature of the fashion industry, it was very important that the client be able to maintain and continually update their site for the new seasons. Cleobella.com was developed through WordPress and Shopify to facilitate client usability. Both platforms’ themes were highly customized. At the end of development, we created a detailed guidebook with screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to use their robust new site.

To streamline the customer flow and funnel users through to the purchase point, we created a category grid on the homepage that directly links to featured products in the store. The homepage slideshow and adjacent tiles all call attention to different collections of highly visual products, enticing the user towards purchase.

Cleobella is extremely popular for their boho chic style in the fashion world and they receive lots of attention in celebrity and fashion press outlets. To highlight this we formatted the press stream in a picture grid format. The grid gives an overview of how extensive their reach is, while clicking into the post gives a more detailed view of the story. This striking grid-view also extends into the representation of blog articles.


To simplify customer flow, we included a side-bar navigation listing all sub-categories. Though most of their products are one of a kind, there is a large portion of products that feature a range of color choices. To make customers aware of all the options available, we created color swatches that appear on the preview category page.

To continue this feature onto the product page, we developed the functionality allowing the customer to view different color options by clicking the swatches. Overall this creates an engaging and visually appealing way of portraying the vast amount of options available in Cleobella’s products.


You can visit the Cleobella site here.